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for the phone? lyk3n: I'm not a superuser, so I can't do that. But yes, the root password should be available to you. should be under the phone itself? Yes. The root password should be available to you when you connect a cable to the phone and go to "Connect to computer" blazemore: gotcha. thanks. no on the pc side when you plug it in Yes The phone does not have a password So plug it in, go to "Connect to computer", type in the password you have and you should be presented with the option to make the necessary changes lyk3n: some device admins can be logged in to the webinterface with a user name (not a password) but i'm not sure whether it would be related to the phone model you have. you should be able to access a root shell on the phone and make changes then. lyk3n: we may help more, once you have more details blazemore: under samsung devices? lyk3n: depends on the vendor tomreyn: thank you. tomreyn it is a nexus5. "Under samsung devices" is somewhat misleading, this is more of a general ubuntu answer. i'm not sure what your original question was, but you may have already received help in #ubuntu? tomreyn: thanks. when I do it, it is under the "Settings" menu. Okay I'm off, bed time. Good luck lyk3n, I hope you get it fixed I think it will have to do. thanks lyk3n: i don't think there's much you can do to make it work. you may need to wipe data and reinstall



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Network Magic Crack License Key

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