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Meditations for a New Normal

It’s hard to ignore all the chaos in the world today: social unrest, economic inequities, war and hunger, pandemics, greed and corruption, proliferation of false and misleading information, unconstrained population growth, climate destabilization, and resource depletion to name a few. Although it is human nature to focus on all the negative, this chaos also indicates that something new is in the process of emerging. What exactly that will be we cannot yet say. But one thing is certain, we have the opportunity to create a new reality on that is more just and equitable for all of humanity. The great mystics and wisdom teachers of the ages have been telling us for millennia this reality will be based on the principal of the interconnectedness and will utilizes love as the foundation for that new reality.

To rise above today’s problems into these extraordinary new possible horizons, The Connection Partners is offering a series of 30 meditations on YouTube as a community service. These meditations are designed to

  • Facilitate you from today’s problems to an inner journey of self-reflection

  • Guide you from stress to relaxation and to self-realization

  •  And help you to bring a new light to the world.

These meditations were originally offered daily on the Connection Partners YouTube channel during the month of June 2020.  We are now presenting them as a gift for our friends from around the world to participate and hold the intention of a global mind change for a better, more just and loving world. Each one has a different theme to help you on your journey of discovery.

You can find these meditations by clicking on any of the following links:

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