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Raising Consciousness

From the cell, to the mind, to the soul, to the planet, and to the cosmos, everything is connected


Everything in life is perceived, experienced and known through consciousness


Our Consciousness Experiences and Knows Reality

Our consciousness creates a mental model of reality. Everything we experience in life is judged and evaluated against our internal models.  These models are not the way reality actual is but, rather how we perceive it to be.  They are usually based on prior experience, habits formed long ago and often in childhood, from societal norms and from conditioning by authority figures early in our lives (parents, teacher, religious figures, politicians, etc.).   Given the rapid pace of change we all now experience in the world, old and fixed beliefs are not only inappropriate but can also be destructive as well.

If we want to change the world to one that is more harmonious, peaceful, loving, just and sustainable, we must each first start with an examination of our conditioning and our mostly subconscious long held beliefs.  If we are really honest with ourselves and do this objectively we will find that this effort will expand our world view.  It will enable us to better understand how our own biases and judgments creep into our thoughts and actions in all aspects of our lives.  We then will be in a much better position to use our perceptions with fresh and expanded viewpoints, not only individually but from a societal point of view as well.  This is the goal of the consciousness projects of many organizations in the world today including The Connection Partners.

Over time The Connection Partners will relate more about the science and the spirit of each aspect of consciousness, exploring and quoting ascended masters, scholars, visionaries, environmental and social justice activists, healers, poets, scientists, and YOU!  Yes, YOU – as a partner!  A core understanding is that it – consciousness - is the prime aspect of ALL of us and all that surrounds us.  It is the observer and the observed.  The poet and the peasant.  The alpha and omega.  The living Earth and her inhabitants.  The galaxies.  The molecules.  Though this may sound exaggerated or even magical thinking in this moment, it is our intent to make this both clear and usable.  For we (conscious beings) know that this understanding and embodiment of relatedness, interconnection and wholeness is a key element in our evolution and survival on this glorious planet. 

This is a challenging and exciting time to be alive!  As it is said, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”  We’re so glad you are here!  It just isn’t the same without you! Know that it is our intent, again, to make this subject clear and to suggest means to put this information into action!  Why is this important?   What skills can help “raise” our consciousness to contribute to the healing of the planet?  How may we relate to each other and other species on the planet to help sustain balance and promote justice?   What is our commitment and obligation to the sacred ground upon which we tread?  These and more questions will emerge – from us (The Connection Partners) and certainly from you.   We are all partners in this evolutionary moment!

More on the Holonic Nature of Consciousness

Individual consciousness.  Consciousness, as used here, may also be called awareness, mindfulness, the heart field, or spirit.  There are as many names as there are cultures or collectives of belief.  It can be known and named through the lenses of science, spirituality, philosophy and/or indigenous wisdom.  There is no definitive definition.  And, in naming and defining, we often miss the experience, mystery and feeling of consciousness.  We will attempt, in time, to make the definitions amenable to our loving and activist mission. As noted above, it is within each one of us.  You will always be encouraged to look deeply within.  We are each radiant gems in “Indra’s Net.”   We will be exploring books such as The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer, Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza; Soul Awakening Practice, by James O’Dea, and The Biology of Transcendence, by Joseph Chilton Pearce.  As is said in New Thought theology, it (consciousness) runs through us, for us, as us.  We each bring a unique and vital piece of the cosmic puzzle to the table.  Share!  Feast!

Societal consciousness.  As individual consciousness expands and emerges into the realms of community and culture, a remarkable and yet elegantly simple process of “group think” takes place.  This may be referred to as the morphogenetic field (referencing the writings of Rupert Sheldrake), or the collective consciousness (referencing Carl Jung and others).  Alas, this consciousness may be in the service of a world that works for all or it may be in service of vested corporate interests or short-term profit.  We (The Connection Partners) commit to consistently point the way to the positive and adaptive ways of healthy change.  What is possible?  We have the power and the ability to co-create, as the title of Charles Eisenstein’s book suggests, “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible.”  We will explore such magnificent writings as Global Mind Change, by Willis Harman; The Global Brain Awakens, by Peter Russell; The Great Turning, by David Korten; and Conscious Evolution, by Barbara Marx Hubbard.  Be aware!  Our illumination; our enlightenment; our “getting it” is catchy!  Feel it!  Spread the word! 

Planetary consciousness.  More than (or perhaps, more accurately, different from) societal consciousness spreading its wings throughout the world (although this is highly favorable!), planetary consciousness is an arm of universal consciousness recognizing that the Earth, in the words of Gary Zukov, is “alive, conscious, intelligent and compassionate.”   Gaia breathes through the trees.  Earth is not a rock hurdling through space.  It, along with all creation, emanates life. We will explore sustainable ways to coexist with our sacred planet.  We will explore regenerativity – healing the wounds to Earth (and her inhabitants) from our faulty thinking, especially over the last several hundred years of the Industrial Revolution and the more recent years of scientific materialism.  We will honor and learn from the indigenous peoples of the world to live in harmony with Divine Mother.

Cosmic consciousness. As referenced in planetary consciousness, we, from a progressive scientific and spiritual point of view, understand that consciousness is the primary force of creation.  It transcends time and space. It is what Ervin Laszlo describes as the “holotropic attractor” which pushes and pulls all – planets, people and protozoa - toward coherence wholeness.  We will be sharing influential and enlightening books such as The Self Aware Universe, by Amit Goswami; The Conscious Universe, by Dean Radin; and The Living Universe, by Duane Elgin. 

Oh what an exciting time to be alive and to participate in the moment!!  All of this and MORE!  Be prepared to be surprised.  I invite you to recite this mantra: “We have the solution.  We are here.  We are One.”     Namaste.  Justice.  Peace. 

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