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Our Vision

A more beautiful world our hearts know is possible

- Charles Eisenstein

Our Mission

Demonstrate how love* can transform communities 

*The energy that many people call agape love is, in fact, the raw material from which the universe was built. it leads us gently forwards. It contains all we need to learn in this life.

                                                                                  - Paulo Coelho

Guiding Question

What are the conditions that enable vibrant, life-affirming networks to self-organize, flourish and sustain themselves, while simultaneously creating a truly global movement for positive futures?World Café Prospectus

Underlying Assumptions

  • The future is born in webs of human conversation

  • Compelling questions encourage collective learning

  • Human systems – organizations, families, communities – are living systems

  • Networks are the underlying pattern of living systems

  • Intelligence emerges as the system connects to itself in diverse and creative ways

  • We collectively have all the wisdom and resources needed

                                       – Juanita Brown, David Isaacs et al

Our Principles of Engagement

We listen for what matters in the community, where engagements can maximize returns on all kinds of capital – financial, physical, social, and natural.


We ask what is realistic, attainable and measurable, in businesses, governments and communities.


We act as catalysts among government, faith, business, education, not-for-profits and grass roots leaders to synergize and leverage collective assets. We connect ‘connectors’ – nodes of networks – with networks of networks.


We focus on values, behaviors and actions to affect large system change and what Arnold J. Toynbee saw is the ultimate function of civilization – a deeper spiritual understanding.


We cultivate innovation, creativity and inspiration by circulating news of what’s working locally to globally, recognizing that dramatic shifts occur within local and regional networks.


We support conversational leadership, nurturing an emerging collective intelligence, leading to wiser actions.


We learn from perennial wisdom and scientific research to re-discover innate principles of life that supports prosperous, flourishing communities of agape love.


We address the question, “How do we live together and remember who we truly are?”


We follow what shows life.


We recognize that we live in a world of transactions, while adding transformation and transcendence.


We do not fix problems, things or people.

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