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Oneness of Consciousness

Peter Russell on the mystery of consciousness

Throughout the ages great spiritual teachers from all traditions have spoken of reality being a limitless, transcendent, and interconnected wholeness.  Partly as a result of the legacy of the French philosopher Descartes and the separations of the domains of religious and scientific thought, this expanded view of reality has been ignored by modern science. That view is referred to as the dualistic view. In contrast the new view is referred to as the non-dualistic view of reality where there is no distinction between subjective experience (self) and objective experience (external objects). Our spiritual teachers have taught us for millennia that we all have the ability to experience  this non-duality including transcendent states of awareness, interconnectedness with all that exists, and accessing the inherent ability to operate from a place of agape love. All these phenomena are demonstrably resident in the human condition and are now being recognized as fundamental properties of our being. 

Transcendent states have been visited and described for millennia by both our ancestors and contemporaries. These enlightened individuals have been called by many names including avatars, mystics, sages, saints, gurus and shamans. By whatever name they have been called, they all held a similar world view and advocated oneness, unconditional (agape) love, living harmoniously with nature and with one’s fellow humans, and recognizing the interconnectedness and interdependence of one holistic creation. 

This hypothesis of interconnectedness, proposed by ancient sages from many pre-scientific cultures, is now beginning to be explored and tested. To create the fundamental shift in consciousness necessary to preserve civilization and all life on our planet, more experimental and theoretical investigations and practices are needed to fully understand and test the implications of these unifying approaches to Nature and our relationship to it. The goal is to fully integrate the reductionist, and purely materialistic view, characterized by classical Newtonian science, with the non-dualistic holistic view in a manner that addresses a consciousness of wholeness and one where transcendent states of awareness are easily obtainable. This holistic view can then be applied to the macroscopic world including all of earth's living systems and especially to humanity.

This practical and experiential approach to exploring consciousness as an instrument for the betterment of humankind is one of the primary goals of The Connection Partners.

"What matters most today is not only to clarify what wisdom is and why it matters but to understand how to go about developing collective wisdom” – Peter Senge

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