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World Café St Pete Application Form

Please remember that by submitting this application  you agree to make the commitment as outlined on the  World Cafe St. Pete Application description web page

WorldCafe - Application

Note: Fields indicated by an "*" are required fields

For the longer responses, please limit your answer to 500 characters

Check box if you work, study, pray or volunteer in St. Pete

The following 4 items are optional.  (Our desire is to create the most diverse pool of trained citizens possible, that reflects St. Pete as a whole, so we hope you will provide the following information.) 

While the next questions are OPTIONAL, and not set in stone, they are designed to get you thinking about the two or more future World Café’s you will be hosting in St. Petersburg during 2021.

Catagories of interest (check all that apply)

Please remember that by signing and submitting this application you agree to the terms and commitments as outlined on the World Cafe St. Pete Application description web page

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