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Sharon Joy’s Personal Adventure with Consciousness

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Sharon Joy Kleitch

Carl Jung woke me up in Psych 101 to such fascinating concepts as synchronicity and collective intelligence. Then came Teilhard de Chardin, whose relationship to the environment is what Jung’s is to psychology.

The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) labs were described in the New York Times Magazine in the late 1980s as researching consciousness, and I imagined taking off from Citi to visit.

However my basic education in the new sciences came from listening to New Dimensions Radio every Sunday on WNYC, recording them and listening till they made sense – digesting what resonated at some other level of knowing.

Finally, it was time to dis-engage from a very rewarding and supportive lifestyle to explore that re-occurring call to follow the questions. It was Willis Harman’s classic book, Global Mind Change, which pointed a direction. I discovered the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the Matthew Fox program at Holy Names College. They represented creditable and rich academic resources in consciousness and living systems. BINGO!

I decided to become my first experiment to see what would happen, if I chose love instead of fear, in making decisions – small and major. That was in 1990. Over twenty years later, I live in an emergent field of love – a heartfield. The exploration of ‘global mind change’ and what that means in my life continues, sometimes daily.

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Nice article. Very insightful especially given the time when it was written

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